Dumplings Galore

Our favorite dumplings in San Francisco

What's not to love about a dumpling? They're little presents wrapped in dough. We dig dumplings of every stripe, from Northern Chinese lamb bundles to old-school dim sum classics. Here are 7 of our favorites in San Francisco:

? Shanghai Dumpling King in the Outer Richmond
The dumpling section of the King's menu has 24 (!) options, but our favorites are the pan-fried pork buns ($5.50 for 8). The wrapping is puffy on top, golden-crisp on the bottom, while the vinegary dipping sauce is the perfect counterpoint to a sweet, juicy filling.

? Z & Y Restaurant in Chinatown
Z & Y is a serious Sichuan gem in Chinatown, and these wontons with spicy peanut sauce ($5.95 for 6), filled with pork and buried in a slick of chile oil, prove why. The wrappers are tender, the filling well-seasoned, and the chile heat appropriately numbing. A scattering of crushed peanuts adds a welcome crunch on top.

? Old Mandarin Islamic in Parkside
If you haven't feasted at San Francisco's best halal Chinese restaurant, get yourself over to Parkside, stat. We love their West Lake Lamb Dumplings ($6.95 for 12), wrapped in a thick, hearty skin and filled with rich lamb meatballs.

? Yank Sing in Financial District
Yank Sing is the torchbearer of old-school, classy dim sum in San Francisco, and their xiao long bao ($12 for 6), while pricey, embody the Platonic ideal of soup dumplings. That means a thin and delicate wrapper, a savory pork filling and a gush of savory pork broth with every bite.

? Um Ma Son in the Outer Richmond
This under-the-radar Korean spot excels in flavorful home-style food, and their mul mhan du ($8.85 for 10) are no exception. The delicate dumplings are stuffed with pork and vegetables, then steamed to allow their fresh flavor to really shine.

? Amasia Hide's Sushi Bar in Duboce Triangle
We can't get enough of the steamed shrimp gyoza ($8.25 for 6) at this charming neighborhood sushi spot. The dumplings are fresh and tender, generously sized, and stuffed with sweet, snappy shrimp.

? Mama Ji's in the Castro
MaMa Ji's nails the perfect fried dumpling formula with these crispy potstickers ($3.75 for 3). The stretchy wrapper is fried crisp on one side and the pork filling is packed with meaty flavor.

Shanghai Dumpling King 3319 Balboa St. San Francisco CA 94121 415-387-2088 Z & Y Restaurant 655 Jackson St. San Francisco CA 94109 415-981-8988 Old Mandarin Islamic 3132 Vicente St. San Francisco CA 94116 415-564-3481 Yank Sing 101 Spear St. San Francisco CA 94105 415-781-1111 Yank Sing 49 Stevenson St. San Francisco CA 94105 415-541-4949 Um Ma Son 5850 Geary Blvd. San Francisco CA 94121 415-831-8662 Amasia Hide's Sushi Bar 149 Noe St. San Francisco CA 94114 415-861-7000 Mama Ji's 4416 18th St. San Francisco CA 94110 415-626-4416


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