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Breakfast Club founder Emily Elyse Miller's favorite breakfast spots in the city
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Breakfast with Emily Elyse Miller

Is there any reason our weekday breakfasts can't be as delicious as our Sunday morning's? Emily Elyse Miller, founder of creative agency Trends on Trends, rarely digs into brunch, but breakfast—that's a whole other thing.

Such a breakfast aficionado is Miller that she's organized a monthly gathering of editors, artists and creative types called (naturally) #breakfastclub, which has taken place at Contra and Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream, among others. Soon, Miller is taking the show on the road, with #breakfastclub pop-ups planned at SXSW in Austin, as well as stops in Glasgow, Tel Aviv and Lima.

In between all the traveling, Miller occasionally finds time to sit down to the most important meal of the day on her home turf. Here are a half dozen of her favorite breakfast dishes across the city.

Scones with Cream and Jam ($4.50) at Marlow & Sons, Williamsburg
This is a very dangerous corner with a lot of options: Diner, Marlow & Daughters and Marlow & Sons, but stay focused. The crumbly scones at Marlow & Sons change seasonally, as does the flavor of the jam, but what you don't want to miss is the cream, which helps every bite achieve the ideal ratio of sweet-tart-rich bliss.

Emily Elyse Miller at Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn, NY

Huevos con Chorizo Taco ($5) at Tacombi, Nolita
An Arizona native, Miller can be a tough taco critic, but she's right at home at Tacombi, which fills the breakfast taco-size hole in her heart with its scrambled egg and crumbled chorizo taco. It helps that the sunny spot makes its own flour and corn tortillas, which pass muster with taco purists.

Chocolate Toast ($4) at Mast Brothers Brew Bar, Williamsburg
Miller deems chocolate a perfectly sound breakfast food. The thick sourdough toast at Mast Brothers' café is covered liberally with a ganache-like dark chocolate spread. There's a bench if you can't wait to devour it or take your toast to go and prepare for looks of serious envy.

Steamed Eggs ($12) at Buvette, West Village
These incredibly light and fluffy scrambled eggs are made with the milk steamer attachment on an espresso machine—how ingenious is that? They come topped with equally decadent options, from prosciutto to smoked salmon to caviar for those looking to really kick off the morning right.

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Fried Shrimp Toast ($4) at Mission Cantina, Lower East Side
Danny Bowien does the unthinkable to toast. He spreads a baguette with garlicky, scallion-y shrimp paste, then drops it in the deep fryer. Miller will be the first to admit that her first bite of this ultra-rich toast was a doozy—but it's worth every calorie. (Note: The toast is served alongside Duck Porridge for $12 or à la carte.)

Breakfast Hero with Bacon ($8) at Court Street Grocers, Red Hook
Breakfast sandwiches are a dime a dozen, but a good breakfast sandwich you hold on to for dear life. This one from Court Street Grocers is a nod to a classic—two eggs, cheddar and bacon served on a ciabatta roll, which Miller finds ideal for "locking in" all of the ingredients while still maintaining a nice chew.

Marlow & Sons 81 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11249 718-384-1441 Tacombi at Fonda Nolita 267 Elizabeth St. New York NY 10012 http://tacombi.com/ Mast Brothers Brew Bar 105A North 3rd St. Brooklyn NY 11249 Buvette 42 Grove St. New York NY 10014 212-255-3590 Mission Cantina 172 Orchard St. New York NY 10002 212-254-2233 Court Street Grocers Hero Shop 116 Sullivan St. Brooklyn NY 11231 347-529-6803


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