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Our ten favorite doughnuts in NYC

Homer Simpson would have killed to be at TTHQ last week: We tried nearly 40 doughnuts from bakeries both newfangled and old-school to find our favorites in the city.

As Homer would say, "Mmm, doughnuts." Here are our picks, in no special order.

Brioche at Mah Ze Dahr ($20 for six)
Hole in one: Each gorgeously light, cream-filled, sugar-dusted brioche ring is topped with an equally delightful doughnut hole.

Hibiscus at Dough ($2.25)
Wine geeks would call this one a fruit bomb. Tart, fragrant hibiscus glaze and edible flowers top this yeasty behemoth.

Plain at 606 R&D ($1.50)
Zero sweetness here, just a goddamn tasty nugget of unadulterated fried doughnutness. They'll also be available at 606's sister shop, R&D Foods, opening soon.

Boston Creme at Bouchon Bakery ($3.27)
Keller & Co. apply their prettifying powers to the lowly doughnut. Their cream-filled work of art is crowned with crispy chocolate and vanilla beads.

Apple Cider Doughnut at Carpe Donut ($2.25)
Like taking a trip to Ye Olde Cider Mill, only these come from a food truck that uses organic ingredients. Killer crunchy cinnamon-sugar coating.

Chocolate Glazed at 7th Avenue Donuts ($1)
Who needs artisanal this and small-batch that when you can get a no-fuss chocolate-dipped ring? Bonus points for sprinkle flair.

Boston Cream at Du Jour Bakery ($2.25)
A light, flaky doughnut. Silky cream filling. A slick of dark chocolate. So good, we'd consider rooting for the Red Sox. (Kidding, everyone.)

Jelly Doughnut at The Donut Pub ($1.15)
The Platonic ideal of jelly doughnuts, with jam in every bite and an even dusting of powdered sugar. Junkies, rejoice: The Pub is open 24-7.

Cream-Filled Bomboloni at Sullivan Street Bakery ($3.50)
It's hard to stop at uno with these airy little Italian stunners. And, hey, you can actually taste the vanilla in the custard filling. 

PB&J at Leske's Bakery ($1.25)
What you wish you'd had in your lunchbox. Bay Ridge represents with a raspberry jelly-filled doughnut topped with a sweet peanut butter glaze. 

Leske's Bakery 7612 5th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11209 718-680-2323 606 R&D 606 Vanderbilt Avenue Brooklyn NY 11238 718-230-0125 Dough 305 Franklin Avenue Brooklyn NY 11205 347-533-7544 The Donut Pub 203 W. 14th St. New York NY 10011 212-929-0126 Bouchon Bakery 10 Columbus Circle New York NY 10019 212-823-9366 Du Jour Bakery 365 5th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215 347-227-8953 7th Avenue Donuts 324 7th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215 718-768-3410 Sullivan Street Bakery 236 9th Avenue New York NY 10001 212-929-5900


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