Boozy Ice Cream Maker Plots Shop in NYC

Tipsy Scoops will open this summer
This New Boozy Ice Cream Shop Will Soothe You
Photo: Tipsy Scoop via Facebook

Tipsy Scoops, which combines the two ultimate breakup comforts, ice cream and booze, is going brick-and-mortar in NYC this May, Food & Wine reports. The shop in Kips Bay will sell 15 flavors including vanilla bean bourbon, chocolate stout with pretzels, tequila-infused Mexican "hot" chocolate and strawberry white sangria.

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Diner/drinkers who want to try several of them can order a flight of four, and for those who aren't down with a cone, there will also be booze-infused ice cream sandwiches and cakes, like a holiday special with cookies and cream and candy cane martini ice cream.

Just remember, sugar + booze = one nasty hangover, so scoop responsibly.


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