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Mashama Bailey

The Grey, Savannah, GA
Photo: Quentin Bacon

Why she killed it in 2015: Along with business partner Johno Morisano, Bailey transformed a formerly segregated Greyhound bus terminal from 1938 into a destination restaurant. Here, the Prune alum is serving what she calls Port City Southern fare: "I cook Southern ingredients in a European way," she tells the Southern Foodways Alliance. That means plates of country pasta made with pork belly, Parmesan and pepper, and seafood boudin with crawfish, shrimp and Carolina rice.

How would you describe your food? "Port City Southern."

What's your signature dish? "Pickled oysters, clams and dumplings."

Go-to hangover food? "Pasta with anything."

Favorite meal of 2015? "Houseman in New York City. The chef is a good friend, and that meal was made with a lot of love. He served swordfish salad, dressed egg, carrots with cottage cheese and an excellent burger."

What's the most underrated ingredient, and how do you use it? "Smoked paprika. I use it during our Saturday yard lunch in a ton of dishes that call for pork, but I want to keep them vegetarian."

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