The TT 46

Dave Gulino and Justin Slojkowski

Bruno, New York, NY
Photo: Courtesy of Bruno Pizza

Why they killed it in 2015: No pizza detail goes overlooked at forward-thinking pizzeria Bruno. Wheat is sourced locally, and flour is ground in the restaurant's basement and then used in Gulino and Slojkowski's creative Neapolitan pies, like a Margherita made with fermented tomato sauce and a summer number with country ham and peaches. The pizzas are served alongside impressive vegetable sides and a handful of strong pasta dishes.

How would you two describe your food? "Modern Italian utilizing domestic ingredients."

What's your signature dish? "Our dishes tend to evolve, and by the time we're happy with them, we usually change them."

What's your biggest kitchen disaster on record? "That time when sweetened condensed milk cans exploded, or five gallons of olive oil was poured all over the grill station, or when a guest had an emotional breakdown during a six-person tasting menu. We could go on forever . . . "

Go-to hangover food? "Cemitas. All day."

What's your favorite underrated ingredient, and how do you use it? "Smoked meat fats used in shellfish dishes or dried beef scrap used in dashi. By-products in general are overlooked but great."

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