Taiyaki NYC Brings Fish-Shaped Cones to the Masses

The traditional (and adorable) Japanese dessert is swimming into our hearts
Taiyaki NYC Fish Ice Cream Cones
Photo: Courtesy of Taiyaki NYC

Have you seen these adorable fish-shaped cones yet? If not, chances are you’ll see them popping up all over your Instagram feed after today’s grand opening of Taiyaki NYC in Chinatown, a much-needed addition to the few taiyaki ice cream shops in the city.

Taiyaki is a thin, fish-shaped cake that is traditionally filled with sweet azuki red bean paste at Japanese street fairs and festivals. At Taiyaki NYC, you can pick from flavors like Matcha Better, a taiyaki with red bean filling, matcha ice cream, mochi, matcha powder, strawberries and a wafer, or customize your own by picking fillings and toppings like graham cracker crumbs and chocolate powder.

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Though taiyaki has been popping up all over the world, we couldn’t be more excited to have this sweet treat, er, swim into our own backyard. As far as over-the-top ice cream creations go, we’d say this one is a must-try.


Everything is better in pairs. ���� #taiyakinyc - Check out the brand new ice cream shop @taiyakinyc opening tomorrow in Manhattan Chinatown. The black sesame is my favorite, and the people running the place are as cool as the yummy ice cream they sell! ����� - Pictured: (Left to Right): Matcha Better - matcha ice cream, red bean filling, mochi, matcha powder, strawberries, wafer. Straight Outta Japan - matcha/black sesame swirl, red bean filling, mochi, wafer. �@taiyakinyc ?� @foodmento � Chinatown, NYC ��TAG YOUR FRIENDS!�� - #icecream #dessertbae #dessert #sweets #eatingnewyork #dailyfoodfeed #spoonuniversity #eatupnyc #foodilysm #buzzfeast #sogood #tryitordiet #eatfamous #bestfoodworld #nomnomnom #nomnom #eatmunchies #lovefood #nycfat #instafood #topnycrestaurants #topcitybites #myfab5 #eatguide #hkig #� #� #foodpornography #�

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Congrats @taiyakinyc on your grand opening in Chinatown! ���� #taiyakinyc

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