Celebrate Spring with Starbucks' New Pastel Coffee Cups

Your morning coffee run is getting a lot more colorful
New Starbucks Coffee Cups Are Here to Celebrate Spring
Photo: Starbucks

You know how some of us look forward to Christmas as an excuse to head to Starbucks for peppermint mochas in signature holiday cups? Well, it seems like the ubiquitous coffee chain is giving us a reason to look forward to every season now with a lineup of pastel-colored coffee cups to celebrate the arrival of spring, Extra Crispy reports.

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The bright-yellow (Venti), baby-blue (grande) and pale-green (tall) cups are the first time Starbucks has expanded on its seasonal holiday tradition. While minimalistic, they come adorned with admittedly adorable artwork, ranging from a smirking rabbit to a bold grinning sun. If you'd like to Sharpie in your own design (or distract from the fact your name got spelled wrong yet again), each cup also comes with a blank white drawing space.


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The extra-cheerful cups will be available starting next Thursday for just a limited time. 


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