Gold Medal Tacos

Roy Choi wants to fuel 2024 Olympians with his Kogi tacos
Roy Choi
Photo: Audrey Ma

Chef, food pioneer and all-around badass Roy Choi wants Los Angeles to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, so he can feed Olympians. Choi, along with some other famous Angelenos like Will Ferrell and Reggie Watts, star in a video that's part of L.A.'s bid to host the games eight years from now.

"In 2024, the Russian weightlifting team is going to be eating Korean tacos. That's what they're going to be eating," Choi, referring to his Kogi taco empire, says in the promo video. He gives a few shout-outs to the campaign on Twitter, too.

Check out the full video here—with its inspirational music, it might just make you want to move to L.A.


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