Whole Foods Is Having a 2-Month-Long Sale on Rosé Wine

The supermarket is gearing up for spring drinking
Rosé Sale at Whole Foods
Photo: Tasting Table

Whole Foods' favorite part of spring must be the start of rosé season. According to Refinery29, starting tomorrow (April 4), the supermarket will be offering discounted prices on 12 select rosés for two entire months. The pink wines were personally chosen by the grocery chain's master sommelier, Devon Broglie, and his team.

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The list includes both millennial-minded options (like Forty Ounce Rosé) and picks for aspiring somms (such as an AIX Coteaux d’ Aix en Provence).

And though the labels include bottles for every budget (prices range from $7.99 to $39.99), Whole Foods plans to offer more rosé deals: Refinery29 notes the organic grocer will offer every single rosé in the store for 20 percent off on National Drink Wine Day (May 25).


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