Pizza ATMs Are Headed Our Way

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Pizza ATMs Are Headed Our Way
Photo: Paline via Facebook 

If the Seamless boom has taught us anything, it's that the only thing people love more than ordering up a scalding hot slice is doing so without any human interaction. Now, thanks to a brilliant French company called Paline, late-night carbo-loading is about to get even more convenient.

Paline debuted its Pizza ATM at Cincinnati's Xavier University last year to great success. After receiving countless inquiries from pizza-hungry cities, Grubstreet announced last week that the company now plans to install the innovative snack dispenser throughout the country.

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The 24/7 machine works by stocking a refrigerated compartment with par-baked pizzas. Once a user makes a transaction, a convection oven reheats the pie in a speedy three minutes and presents it in a cardboard box. According to the Paline's website, users who desire a more, ahem, authentic post-drinking experience also have the option to receive their pizzas cold.


Shoutout to @xavierdining for making these delicious fresh pizzas!! �#xavieruniversity #paline #pizzaatm

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While the cities lucky enough to receive an ATM have yet to be announced, a few other questions remain: How did the French beat the Italians to this concept? Can you overdraw your pizza account? And, most importantly, just how easy will it be to pilfer a pie from one of these cheesy vaults?


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