Where to Eat on New Year's Eve in Detroit

Skip the club and celebrate with dinner at one of these restaurants
Where to Eat on New Year's Eve in Detroit
Photo: Tasting Table

Sayonara, 2016. It's been quite the year, and now's the time to close it out and celebrate a fresh, new start. While some will opt for dancing in a crowded bar until the wee hours, others are looking for a more reserved way to ring in the New Year. Unlike 50 Cent, you won't find us in the club with a "bottle full of bub."

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Instead, we'll be clinking glasses across a dinner table and setting our alarms for early brunch reservations. Here are our recommendations for the best restaurants to visit for New Year's Eve dinner or brunch on New Year's Day in Detroit.

① Central Kitchen + Bar

② D'Amato's Restaurant

③ Iridescence

④ Parc

⑤ Social Kitchen & Bar

⑥ The Whitney

⑦ Townhouse Detroit


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