Cheesecake M&M's Are Arriving for Valentine's Day

For when you can't decide between cheesecake or chocolate
Cheesecake M&M's Are Here for Valentine's Day
Photo: Courtesy of Walmart

If this month is any indication, 2017 will forever be known as the year big candymakers turned all our beloved desserts into chocolaty mad-science experiments. (Or perhaps the year they tried to fill the voids in our lives left by Dry January.)

Off the heels of cookie dough-stuffed Kit Kats and Oreo Cadbury Creme Eggs, M&M's enters the sugary scuffle with a new limited-edition Valentine's Day flavor: white chocolate cheesecake. The pastel-colored chocolates are available now, Thrillist reports, but you'll have to venture out to Walmart if this latest mash-up is giving you the candy sweats.

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No word on how these incorporate a graham cracker crust, arguably the best part of cheesecake (and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong), but, hopefully, they'll still be available during February's second-biggest holiday: Post-Valentine's Candy Sale Day.


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