How Much Millennials Spend on Eating Out Will Shock You

The total comes to nearly $3,000 a year
Millenials Spend More Eating Out
Photo: Guian Bolisay via Flickr

Millennials are spending more and more money on eating out or ordering in via Seamless or GrubHub. All of those orders placed and meals out add up to 44 percent of their food spending or just shy of $3,000 a year, a new analysis by the Food Institute reveals.

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That percentage is up significantly: In 2010, it was at 33 percent, Forbes reports. So what are they spending that money on? Often it’s healthy (or at least what’s perceived to be healthy) food, Business Insider notes, frequenting fast-casual restaurants that offer ingredients less processed than, say, the options at McDonald’s. Ordering in is also a large chunk of that. Meanwhile, others, often living at home, are logging hours in the kitchen, learning to cook.


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