Martha Stewart's Opening a Line of Cafés

Shopping at Macy's will never be the same
Martha Stewart Is Opening a Line of Cafés
Photo: David Shankbone via Flickr

The queen of domesticity has a new title: café owner. Martha Stewart is opening a chain of cafés inside Macy’s across the country. The first one opened this past weekend in Sacramento and another is slated to open in Dallas next month, Eater reports. The cafés are little red-and-white counter affairs, serving Stewart’s own line of coffee, Arogya teas and pastries.

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Those who work for Stewart have actually been able to sip on hot beverages from their own Martha Stewart Café since last year, when it opened in their office building in New York City. Hearing about the café, execs at Macy’s invited her to try operating cafés in their stores, where she already sells heaps of merchandise like sheets and kitchenwares.

Hopefully, if we hang out at one of the cafés long enough, Stewart will pop by to say hi.


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