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Celebrate 20 years of Magnolia Bakery with these gorgeous photos
Magnolia's 20th Anniversary
Photos: Courtesy of Black Tap, Magnolia Bakery

In 1996, two women opened a tiny bakery on Bleecker Street in New York. Four years later, Carrie Bradshaw went in for a pink frosted vanilla cupcake, and nothing was the same again. Now, Magnolia Bakery is an international phenomenon beloved for its nostalgic desserts, which can be found everywhere from Rockefeller Center to malls in Dubai. But have no fear: That classic frosting swirl is the same in every language.

The beauty of making your own birthday cake is that you can put as much or as little effort into it as you like. With three layers, a logo made in sugar and an intricate piped rose design on top, it’s clear which way Magnolia’s cake decorators choose to go.


Hawaiian locals benefit from this newly launched haupia-filled special, which is topped with rainbow meringue and is available only on the islands.


Every post on this cake decorator’s Instagram account is captivatingly impressive, like a garden of flower cupcakes or this Easter basket weave cake.


Magnolia is partnering with NYC hot spot Black Tap to make a special birthday cake milkshake, so they can have their cake and shake it, too.


Cake doesn’t quite work as a purse snack, but chocolate sure does. Think of these as the bar versions of your favorite treats.


Some Magnolia locations have their own special flavors, like this matcha cupcake that you can get only in Tokyo.


Halloween is a terrifyingly delicious time to be hanging around the bakery.


You might recognize the bakery for its adorable cupcakes and cups of banana pudding, but it has wedding cakes on lock, too.


#tbt... To another one of our gorgeous tiered wedding cakes from our launch event @bhldn!

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This hypnotizing s’mores cake video is the reason Boomerang exists.


Watching the bakers top cupcakes with that iconic swirl makes it look effortless, but trust us: It’s not.


Almost too pretty too eat...almost. �

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Don’t bother with a dozen roses when you can have them on top of a cake instead.


Monday will be a piece of cake @magnoliabakeryweddings! �

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Edible glitter? Yes, please.


The choice is yours...��. #magnoliabakery

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As if the classic banana pudding wasn’t perfection already, the bakery launched a chocolate version earlier this year.


first stop in NYC: the famous chocolate banana pudding ���

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Unlike many other red velvet cupcakes, the ones at Magnolia are topped with whipped cooked vanilla frosting rather than a cream cheese version, which is how red velvet is traditionally served.


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