Want to Stay Healthy? Snap a Photo of Your Food

The Snap It! app tracks calories and nutrition with a quick pic
Lose It! App Counts Calories in Food Photos
Photo: Lose It! via Facebook

Health-conscious app Lose It! merges the love of snapping photos of what we eat with the desire to stay healthy. The company’s new feature, Snap It!, released in beta today, allows users to take a picture of what they are eating, categorize and log it, with the app then dishing out the nutritional content of what’s in the photo, TechCrunch reports.

The app can recognize things like a sandwich, but not necessarily what is in that sandwich, so it’s up to users to add more detail to get accurate nutritional information. Serving size is also an important element users are asked to submit. Though things are still in the early stages, the program is designed to improve itself with more users. The more photos and data entered, the more accurate the app will ultimately become.

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Just maybe don’t bring it with you to that pie party your friends are having.


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