Krispy Kreme Is Giving Teachers Free Coffee This Summer

Because out of everyone else in the world, they deserve it the most
Krispy Kreme Is Giving Free Coffee to Teachers
Photo: Krispy Kreme via Facebook

From September to June, teachers put up with enough antics: unruly kids, scorched teacher's lounge coffee and, of course, the infinite number of excuses as to why Johnny's printer magically broke the night before his essay was due. And, sure, getting an apple at the end of the year is cute and sentimental, but teachers deserve a better reward by the time summer rolls around.

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To celebrate our nation's unsung heroes this summer, Krispy Kreme is giving teachers all across the country free coffee, starting now until the end of July. All they have to do is show their school ID (with their picture from before they realized they would be getting the problem class) and purchase a regular item, Money reports. The deal runs every day and can be redeemed at any time, meaning teachers have plenty of opportunities to recharge their caffeine reserves before September.


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