This Norwegian Cheese Was Named the Best in the World

Kraftkar blue cheese stole the show at the World Cheese Awards
Kraftkar World's Best Cheese
Photo: Tingvollost via Facebook

While you’ve been stressing out these past few weeks over how to feed a Thanksgiving crowd, the best cheese in the world was being crowned over in San Sebastián at the 2016 World Cheese Awards. The winner this year is Kraftkar, a Norwegian blue produced by Tingvollost.

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As you might expect, the journey to number one is no easy feat: Sixty-six teams of judges sort through 3,000 cheese varieties from all over the world, each then nominating a favorite to be submitted to a Super Jury who decide the overall winner. In the end, Kraftkar, with its well-developed mold and soft and creamy texture took the crown.

Unfortunately, Tingvollost, a small-scale artisan producer, doesn’t ship to the U.S., but that won’t stop us from praying for a Christmas miracle.


#WorldCheeseAwards Super Jury with the World Champion #Cheese, Kraftkar from @tingvollost in #Norway

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