It's Gonna Be Meh

*NSYNC's Joey Fatone is opening a hot dog stand called Fat Ones
Joey Fatone
Photo: Courtesy of Joey Fatone via Facebook

*NSYNC’s Joey Fatone has done a lot to reinvent himself after his boy band days. He starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (and the sequel), placed second on Dancing with the Stars and has performed on Broadway. But his latest venture just might blow all of that out of the water.

The singer is opening a hot dog and Italian ice stand in Orlando called Fat Ones. Yes, it’s a play on Fatone’s name, and it’s also what he was known for in the group.

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According to Billboard, Fatone says, "After years of working on television food shows, I'm excited to open this new venture, which is a combination of who I am, where I'm from and where I've been."

Will the food be good? Does it even matter? It could meh, and we’d still want to go. You gotta love a former boy band star with a sense of humor. We can only hope that his bandmates will follow in his footsteps. Here’s our wish list:

① JC Chasez opens Chasez’s Cheeses.

 Chris Kirkpatrick opens a restaurant where goat is the speciality, and you eat for free if you have a goatee.

 Lance Bass opens up a seafood spot that serves only bass (and space food).

 Justin Timberlake opens a ramen joint to honor his ramen hair.

We can dream, right? Hey, Marky Mark opened Wahlburgers after all.


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