Husk Will Make Its Triumphant Return Soon

After a fire, the team has been hustling to reopen quickly
Husk Restaurant in Nashville
Photos: Andrea Behrends

Last Thursday, news broke that Sean Brock’s acclaimed Nashville restaurant, Husk, had experienced a fire. Thankfully, no one was injured, and David Howard, president of Neighborhood Dining Group, assured everyone that the fire was contained to specific locations (the electrical and dish rooms and on the roof) and that the kitchen and dining room in the 19th-century building were fine.

Still, the restaurant was said to be closed indefinitely.

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As it turns out, indefinitely isn’t terribly long. Sean Brock will (hopefully) reopen the restaurant as early as the end of this week, Eater reports. As Howard explains:  

We remain optimistic that we can complete the work and gain the necessary approvals to open by the end of this week. We were so fortunate that nobody was hurt and damage was limited to one section of the building.

Husk's Vegetable Plate

Brock’s team also sends word that the fire hasn’t impacted the reopening of McCrady’s in Charleston, which should happen around October 1. And Husk Greenville is on track for a 2017 opening. Thank goodness.


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