'Hand Salad' Is a Thing, and People Have a Lot of Feelings About It

Is this the most extra term for crudités and dip ever?
'Hand Salad' Has Sparked the Debate of the Century
Photo: Ted Major via Flickr

If you've ever packed yourself a midday snack of baby carrots and ranch dressing, you get it: Vegetables and dip are NOT the most exciting thing you could be eating at any given moment. However, would calling this sad snack by a more interesting name change your feelings about it? Bon Appétit sets out to answer just that.

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The online debate of the century started this week when Bon Appétit attempted to pass off pieces of lettuce dipped in lemon-yogurt dressing as a "hand salad," saying, "we call this a hand salad because lettuce and dip just doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun." The site Tweeted out the recipe to much contest.

Despite the language of the Tweet, the Internet IS focusing on it. Social media users and publications are sharing their feelings on the topic, asking Bon Appétit to stop trying to make "hand salad" happen. Here are a few of our favorite reactions.

Honestly, that dressing still sounds pretty delicious.


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