The Actor Who Plays Hot Pie in 'Game of Thrones' Just Opened a Themed Bakery

Stock up on your direwolf loaves before winter comes
'Game of Thrones' Bakery in London
Photo: Deliveroo

Winter is officially here, the battle for the Seven Kingdoms is reaching a climax, and—possible spoiler—your favorite character has probably fallen victim to the Many-Faced God of death by now. But despite all the grim, teeth-clenching events going on in Game of Thrones, there's one bright spot you can look forward to in real life: a new GOT-themed bakery.

Ben Hawkey, who portrays Arya Stark's traveling companion and talented baker, Hot Pie, on the show, recently opened his own real-life bakery over in London, Digital Spy reports. From the looks of things, the actor seems as skilled as the character he plays at slinging flour—the cleverly named shop, You Know Nothing John Dough, is selling loaves of direwolf bread like the ones Hot Pie presented to both Arya and Brienne of Tarth. Made from whole-wheat corn bread and a hint of orange zest, the loaves are currently available through Deliveroo, a food delivery service based in the UK.


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Currently, it looks like the page isn't taking anymore orders, probably due to a not-surprisingly high demand from fans from all over Westeros.


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