London's Cronut Invasion Starts This Friday

Dominique Ansel is opening his first British bakery
Dominique Ansel Bakery London
Photos: Tasting Table, @myplatenyc via Instagram

Pastry wizard Dominique Ansel—who took home the best pastry chef award at last night’s Taste Talks Awards—is nearly ready to open his London shop this Friday.

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As promised, there will be Cronuts, with new flavors debuting each month, just as they do at the outposts in New York City and Tokyo. The first one up is a butterscotch and cocoa nib number.

Ansel has also been working on some London-only sweets, like a dosa mille feuille, which he was inspired to create by the city’s exceptional Indian food.

There will also be little egg sandwiches on the menu, boxes of Eton mess and a Welsh rarebit croissant with aged cheddar béchamel, mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

The café is rather roomy, so there are plans to offer lunch as well, giving Ansel a chance to work on savory fare like avocado toast and a croque-monsieur.

Take a look around.

Oh, and Londoners, brace for lines.


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