Chefs and Their Pets Are Taking Over Instagram

It's time to get acquainted with Nacho Flay
Photo: @nachoflay via Instagram

Instagram is a place full of many wonderful things: delicious pictures of pizza, Taylor Swift memes, videos of people falling. By far, the best thing to add to that list, however: famous chefs and their adorable pets.

In a darling turn of events, our favorite chefs are showing their softer side on Instagram via their furry companions, and we can’t get enough. Sure, chefs spend their days running the hottest restaurants and starring in America’s favorite food programs, but at the end of the day, it turns out they just want to cuddle up with their dogs and cats.

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So give these chefs a follow on Instagram for all the adorable chef/pet action you can handle and prepare to fall in love with Bobby Flay’s cat.

Michael Voltaggio
The Top Chef winner and ink. chef is taking L.A. by storm, and he couldn’t do so without loveable pup Kimchi by his side. 


#goodmorning #LA This is how #kimchi deals with #rain #fur on fur

A photo posted by Michael Voltaggio (@mvoltaggio) on

Michael Symon
Choosing just one photo of Symon’s droopy, incredible bulldog was a battle in itself, so needless to say, there’s more where this came from.


look mom and dad I can do yoga too!!

A photo posted by michael symon (@chefsymon) on

Anne Burrell
Her signature #imaddictedtomykitties hashtag really says it all.


Just hanging out with marcia on a Sunday afternoon! #mainecooncats #imaddictedtomykitties

A photo posted by @chefanneburrell on

Tom Colicchio
Sure, Colicchio is in the midst of opening his highly anticipated restaurant, Fowler & Wells, but have you seen his bashful dog, Piper?


Piper wants to play the blues.

A photo posted by Tom Colicchio (@tomcolicchio) on

Mario Batali
A quick perusal of Batali’s Instagram account proves that his dog, Willie B., has a more luxurious life than any of us.


Good morning Willie b!!!

A photo posted by Mario Batali (@mariobatali) on

Graham Elliot
Schnitzel, the German Shepherd, is over a year old now, so finding a cute puppy picture took a good amount of stalking. Can we all agree it was worth it?


"Anyone have a baby bjorn that Schnitzel and I can borrow?"

A photo posted by GRAHAM ELLIOT (@grahamelliot) on

Ellen Bennett
OK, so technically Bennett of white-hot apron designer Hedley and Bennett isn’t a chef, but how could we resist including her amazing potbellied pig, Oliver, on this list?

Bobby Flay
This is where it all began. Not only is Flay’s Instagram selfie game one of the strongest we’ve ever seen, many of those selfies include his abnormally large and fluffy cat, Nacho. And thank goodness they do.


When you think you have a parrot on your arm and realize it's a 20 lb. Cat @nachoflay

A photo posted by bobbyflay (@bobbyflay) on  

Nacho Flay
Flay’s cat is so popular that he has his own account. He has more than 66,000 followers and is friends with the likes of Alex Guarnaschelli. What are you doing with your life?


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