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Slows Bar BQ chef Brian Perrone shares his favorite places to eat, when he's not working the smoker
Brian Perrone of Slow's BBQ
Photo: Courtesy of Slows Bar BQ

Brian Perrone, the chef and co-owner of Detroit's popular Slows Bar BQ, spends a lot of his time working on the restaurant's signature 'cue and destination-worthy mac-and-cheese. But, when he's not in the kitchen, he likes to grab a bite around his hometown—and like any good chef, he knows where to find what's good. So, we asked Perrone to contribute his favorite local spots for our latest list on DINE by tasting Table, our restauration discovery app, which just launched in Detroit.

Selden Standard
Supino Pizzeria
La Rondinella
Johnny Noodle King

You can check out the full list here, or in our DINE by Tasting Table iOS app.




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