Whole Foods Is Giving Amazon Prime Members Even More Discounts

The grocery store might soon become the most affordable option for shoppers
Amazon Lowers Whole Foods Programs
Photo: Whole Foods

Ever since Amazon acquired Whole Foods last year, the tech giant has been slashing prices at the grocery store some (this author included) have lovingly nicknamed Whole Paycheck. Now, Amazon is lowering prices even more and introducing a new loyalty program strictly for Prime customers.

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Starting today, Prime members—well, just those in Florida for now—can take advantage of discounts like an additional 10 percent off already on-sale items and weekly discounts on various specials (like $10 off per pound of wild halibut), Reuters reports. Once these perks roll out to other states this summer,  Whole Foods could easily become the cheaper grocery store option for its eight million customers who are already preexisting Amazon Prime members.

To access the discounts, members just have to scan a code on the Whole Foods Market app or enter their phone numbers at checkout to snatch up organic Fuji apples and probiotic-filled kefir while the deals are hot.

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