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There's now a Kickstarter for a film about airplane food
Greek Taverna at 35,000 Feet
Photo: Courtesy of Inflight Feed

Ever looked down at your tray table of tiny packages of bread and butter, crackers, a mini salad and perhaps something resembling chicken cacciatore and wondered how on earth plane food came to be what it is? Well, Nik Loukas certainly did. The writer, who has been carefully tracking in-flight food on his website, inFlightFeed, since 2012, just launched a $75,000 Kickstarter to fund a 90-minute documentary about airplane food called The Inflight Food Trip.

The film will take people behind the scenes to see how food is made for airline companies, show what it's like to eat on a private jet and dive into the almost-100-year history of this tradition (the first airline meals were served in 1919, in case you were curious).

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Loukas acknowledges that not all of the food is great, but it's still impressive:

Think about what you had for lunch last Tuesday. Unless it was on an airplane, there's a great chance that it did not nearly approach the forethought, extreme precision and expert preparation of a simple airline meal. These meals, whether good or bad, are special in their own right, and I believe they are an integral form of in-flight entertainment, as well as the travel experience.

Check out the Kickstarter video for yourself:


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