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Edibles Grow Up

A beloved Chicago pastry chef is launching a line of pot-infused sweets
Mindy Segal Marijuana Edibles Line
Photo: Tasting Table

The days of bad pot brownies baked in a communal dorm kitchen aren't exactly over, but you know edibles have come a long way when a James Beard Award-winning pastry chef starts selling them.

Mindy Segal, the owner of Chicago's hit Mindy's Hot Chocolate and author of Cookie Love, will launch a line of weed-laced sweets in February with Cresco Labs, Eater reports. In a release, Segal promises that there will be "chocolate brittle bars, a line of infused granola bites" and what sounds like a pot-infused hot chocolate that can be made from a mix at home.

Segal says these sweets are about "giving back to those suffering from chronic conditions by reinventing the marijuana-infused sweets industry," and they will be available only through licensed dispensaries, first in Illinois and then another five states sometime next year. "We've all heard the expression 'it tastes like medicine,' but there's no reason it has to," she says.

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