Michelle Obama Reveals What's Inside Her 'MasterChef Junior' Mystery Box

The kidtestants have a healthy challenge this week
This Former First Lady Has a Healthy Challenge for ‘MasterChef Junior'
Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture via Flickr

The kidtestants on MasterChef Junior have a rather intimidating guest judge to cook for on this Thursday's episode. Former First Lady Michelle Obama recorded a video for the mystery box challenge. After the "one, two, three—lift" moment, the kids find cutting boards stacked with healthy staples like shrimp, fish, Japanese eggplant, lacinato kale, delicata squash, French radishes and a bag of grains, inspired by the White House Kitchen Garden.

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“I’m asking all of you to come up with an original recipe that’s healthy and follows the ‘MyPlate’ symbol—filling half your plate with fruits and veggies, and the rest with whole grains, lean protein, and dairy,” she says in a video that aired on Vogue's website.

The responses from the kids are mixed. "I'm, like, about to die. RIP me," one girl proclaims. "Oh my God. I mean, Michelle is a wonder woman, and I look up to her so much. She is my idol." Meanwhile, another contestant is less excited about the challenge. “Michelle Obama wants me to cook vegetables. Not happening. I don’t like vegetables. They’re evil!”

Obama isn't the only daunting guest judge the kids will face this season. With Graham Elliot out, Martha Stewart is filling in—as are a few of the Muppets.


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