José Andrés Is Named Humanitarian of the Year

He more than deserves this James Beard Foundation Award
José Andrés Is Named Humanitarian of the Year
Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The James Beard Foundation just announced that chef José Andrés is the recipient of this year's Humanitarian of the Year award. In addition to his career as a chef, Andrés is the founder of World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that works to provide solutions to global hunger and poverty issues.

The foundation describes the award as "given to an individual or organization working in the realm of food who has given selflessly and worked tirelessly to better the lives of others and society at large."

Taking into consideration Andrés's heavy relief efforts last year in Puerto Rico and Houston following Hurricanes Maria and Harvey, as well as in California post-fires, it's clear why he's being awarded the 2018 title.


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