Yuzu Mayo

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Yuzu Mayonnaise
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You already know how to make classic mayonnaise, so step it up a notch with this yuzu mayo recipe from David LeFevre, chef of Fishing with Dynamite in Los Angeles. Asian citrus adds the perfect acidity to the spicy mayo, suited for slathering onto crab, shrimp and lobster.

You can find bottles of yuzu juice in Japanese or Asian markets. The yuzu kosho is a paste made from chiles ground with yuzu peel and salt. Pick up a tube and get ready to mix it into everything from salad dressings to stir-fries.

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Yuzu Mayo

Recipe adapted from David LeFevre, Fishing with Dynamite, Los Angeles, CA

Yield: 2¼ cups

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: N/A

Total Time: 15 minutes


2 tablespoons lemon juice

½ tablespoon dry mustard

½ tablespoon granulated sugar

½ tablespoon kosher salt, plus more to taste

2 egg yolks

2 cups vegetable oil

¾ tablespoon yuzu juice

¾ tablespoon yuzu kosho paste


In a medium bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, mustard, sugar, salt and egg yolks until smooth. While whisking, slowly stream in the oil until a thick mayonnaise forms. Whisk in the yuzu juice and yuzu kosho paste until smooth. Season with salt and serve.

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