Tasting Table National: Fighting Irish Punch

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Fighting Irish Punch

Recipe adapted from Scott Baird, Bon Vivants, San Francisco

Yield: Serves 10

Cook Time: 10 minutes


26 ounces (1 750ml bottle) Concannon Irish Whiskey

8½ ounces (250 ml) Bénédictine

17 ounces (500 ml) unfiltered organic apple juice

8½ ounces (250 ml) chamomile tea, brewed at double the recommended strength

8½ ounces (250 ml) fresh lemon juice

8½ ounces (250 ml) honey syrup (4:1 honey to hot water)

Scant 1¾ ounces (50 ml) Angostura bitters




In a punch bowl, combine the whiskey, Bénédictine, apple juice, tea, lemon juice, honey syrup and bitters. Thirty minutes before serving, add a large, solid block of ice (this can be prepared by filling a medium-size metal mixing bowl with water and freezing overnight). Stir thoroughly to mix. To garnish, take a small apple and cut into thin wheels; scatter the slices over the punch.

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