Bourbon Renewal

Aside from making a REALLY strong drink, here's how we like to use up leftover Bourbon
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Even if you missed "the most exciting two minutes in sports," you probably celebrated the Kentucky Derby anyway—if only for the cocktails. But after pouring a few mint juleps and maybe even taking a whack at this cocktail named after Seabiscuit, you may still find yourself with a post-Derby Day bourbon surplus. Instead of another drink, try throwing the rest of that amber liquid into an adults-only barbecue sauce, a crispy biscotti or even a preserving liquid for cherries.

If you have a cup or two of bourbon, make . . .
① Bourbon Caramel Sauce
There's nothing like digging a spoon into an oozing ice cream sundae. Try pairing this salty, bourbon-spiked caramel sauce with a nutty ice cream for a spin on the classic hot fudge version.

② Kentucky Bourbon Balls
They're like doing shots but in cake form. With a hint of crunch from toasted pecans, you can't beat these booze-soaked (slightly NSFW) treats.

③ Ham with Bourbon Brown Sugar Glaze
Bourbon and brown sugar bring complexity to a classic dish and offset the saltiness of ham while they're at it.

④ Bourbon-Soaked Cherries
Maraschino who? Letting fresh cherries take a swim in bourbon yields a garnish that's tart, sweet and super low maintenance. Spoon them over ice cream—or directly into your mouth—for an instant pick-me-up.

If you have less than a cup of bourbon, make . . .
⑤ Bourbon Bread
If you can't get to Bien Cuit for a loaf of its sweet and smoky bread, try making it yourself. The recipe involves a starter, which means it can take up to three days to get to the final product, but just look at those gorgeous score marks.

⑥ Barbecue Sauce
Honey-sweetened with just a bit of a kick, this barbecue sauce is just as good on chicken as it is slathered on a biscuit. And it gets even better with—you guessed it—bourbon! A three-second pour added to the recipe should do the trick.

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⑦ Grape and Bourbon Mostarda
This mostarda is bursting with green and red grapes, plus a healthy glug of bourbon. How good would this be dolloped onto a baguette with a smear of goat cheese? REALLY good.

If you have a few tablespoons of bourbon, make . . .
⑧ Bourbon Biscotti
A lower-key version of bourbon-spiked coffee comes in the form of crunchy biscotti. Make yourself a cappuccino and go to town.

⑨ Honey Bourbon Butter
This recipe may have been developed with corn bread in mind as the star, but we can't help but think the whipped boozy butter steals the show.

⑩ Maple Pot de Crème with Bourbon Cream
A few bites of velvety vanilla and maple custard topped with a layer of bourbon-scented whipped cream is how we'd like to finish every day, please and thank you.

Find Bien Cuit here, or in our DINE app.

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