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Guac 'til You Drop

Josh Capon shows us how to make the perfect guacamole
Photo & Video: Dave Katz/Tasting Table 

"Holy, guacamole, Batman!"

Josh Capon may be a fun guy, but he's dead serious—and seriously skilled—when it comes to making guacamole. The chef/partner of Lure Fishbar, B&B Winepub, Bowery Meat Company and El Toro Blanco in New York knows that a mightily mashed avocado is the nexus of an excellent party—and that it doesn't pay to get too precious about it.

Just grab some ripe Haas avocados, jalapeños, lime, onion, tomato and bust out a little mortar-and-pestle action, and you've got the makings of a marvelously festive Cinco de Mayo.

Watch the video to see how Señor Capon gets his guac on.



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