Oreo Is Letting Fans Pick the Next Cookie Flavor

Bring your A game
Oreo Flavor Contest
Photo: bhofack2/Getty Images

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to create your own Oreo flavor? Well, that fantasy might just become a reality, as the company has launched a My Oreo Creation contest to find its next big flavor. The winner will take home more than just bragging rights, because the person's whose idea is chosen will win half a million dollars. Three runners-up will be rewarded with $25,000 checks.

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The company is not shy about introducing crazy, out-of-the-box flavors like Swedish Fish, Waffle & Syrup and Fruit Punch Oreos, so you better bring your A game.

There are multiple ways to enter including texting, posting on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest, and online starting May 25. You'll have until July 14 to get those genius ideas in, so don't waste any time. Good luck!


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