Oprah Is Launching a New Line of Healthy Comfort Foods

Get them nationwide this fall
Oprah's New Line of Soups & Sides
Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

First came her partnership with Weight Watchers, then her cookbook, and now Oprah Winfrey is tackling another area of the food industry with the introduction of her healthier food line called O, That’s Good!

The former talk show host announced a partnership with The Kraft Heinz Company to offer healthier spins on classic comfort soups and sides, such as broccoli cheddar soup and mashed potatoes. To make them a little bit lighter, the potatoes are swapped for cauliflower, and the cheese in the soup is replaced with butternut squash. Other options include garlic mashed potatoes, Parmesan pasta, tomato basil soup and baked potato soup.

As we all know, Winfrey is a huge fan of bread, so we can only hope that eventually the line will include a lighter bread option, like cauliflower bread sticks.

Shoppers can expect to see the soups and side dishes in the refrigerated section of select supermarkets starting as early as next week and nationwide by October.

Photo: The Kraft Heinz Company


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