The New Grocery Service People Are Wild For

Kroger will now deliver to your car
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Mega grocery chain Kroger is saving its shoppers a bit of time with ClickList, a new program that allows shoppers to pick out what they want online and then swing by the store and have it popped into their trunk by a staffer.

The click-and-collect model has been popular in the UK for a number of years, Business Insider reports. It’s also one of the models that Amazon has discussed for its forthcoming food stores.


I'm picking up my groceries from @krogerco this morning and I'm so happy I could cry.

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With Kroger, customers use their rewards number to log in online, and the system automatically brings up items they shop for often, say a particular brand of cereal or milk.

So far, the service has been a hit. One shopper writes on Kroger’s Facebook page, "Dear Kroger ClickList... You have changed my life. I don't know if I'll ever go in a grocery store again. Ok maybe that's exaggerating but with twins and 20-degree weather, having groceries brought to my car was awesome!!!"

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Customers pay $4.95 for the service each time they use it, but the first three times are free.


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