Why You'll Rarely See a Professional Chef with an Instant Pot

At least, for now
Instant Pot for Professional Chefs
Photo: Deb Lindsey for the Washington Post via Getty Images

Though most of America's home cooks share a fervor for the Instant Pot that can be described only as the yogurt-stained, pot roast-filled version of Beatlemania, a new article by Bloomberg points to a noticeable group of holdouts: professional chefs. 

Despite being a top-selling appliance on Amazon and the topic of best-selling cookbooks, the multi-cooker has yet to be embraced by the restaurant kitchen. Bloomberg notes an obvious reason is that even the Instant Pot's largest size is too small for most chefs; more importantly, the gadget still has the aura of an infomercial shill. "There's a hesitation in having a brand name like that in your kitchen. A lot of chefs want to keep things more traditional, with a stovetop," one chef says.

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Though, the article does highlight a few noteworthy names—like Chris Shepherd—who are starting to use the appliance more and more, finding that even modest time savers (like pressure-cooking hard-boiled eggs) add up in the end. It also seems like the people behind the product are getting the hint: Yi Qin, a vice president for the company, tells Bloomberg that though there isn't currently an Instant Pot for professionals, "nothing is impossible."

Read the entire story on Bloomberg.


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