Could Early Exposure Help Stop Food Allergies?

A new study looks at peanut and egg allergies in kids
Peanut Butter Allergy
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Food allergies are a major hot topic, especially when it comes to kids. And a new study, the largest research analysis yet, shows a link between exposing young children to peanuts and eggs and a decreased likelihood of developing an allergy, Medical News Today reports.

More specifically, the study finds evidence that exposing kids between the ages of four and six months to eggs could lower their chance of developing an allergy by 40 percent. With peanuts, kids who are introduced to them between four and 11 months are 70 percent less likely to be allergic to them when they are older. Dr. Robert J. Boyle, who headed the London-based study, isn’t certain why the numbers drop with early exposure but speculates that it’s linked to the immune system in one’s stomach.

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Early exposure, however, doesn’t impact all allergies. The study finds that exposing children to gluten at a young age doesn’t impact the risk of celiac or gluten intolerance, and the same is true for fish allergies.


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