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Chicken Fries

Make crunchy, fast-food-inspired chicken fries at home

What's long, salty, crunchy and usually served with an array of condiments? You say french fry—we say chicken fry.

Long, thin strips of chicken breast get coated in a spiced flour, dipped into an egg wash and then covered with lots of panko bread crumbs. After a quick shallow fry, they emerge perfectly golden and addictively crunchy.

Like their potato-based cousins, these fries deserve to be dunked. Ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing—the possibilities are endless. We paired ours with a smooth and sweet honey Dijonnaise (the best honey mustard you'll ever taste) and a tangy tamarind Asian BBQ sauce. Both sauces require only a few ingredients and a simple stir in a bowl.

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