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The best way to get eggs to room temperature
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Bringing eggs to room temperature may not sound like an important step, but in baking, following the rules makes all the difference.

In some cases, like when you're poaching, cold eggs are preferable. However, in baking, room-temperature eggs are important, because they bind better with other ingredients and they also create more volume. The latter point is especially important for recipes in which you beat the eggs to create light and fluffy textures, like in angel food cake. Room-temperature eggs whip up much better than cold eggs.

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You won't regret taking the little extra time to bring eggs to room temperature once you see how effortless it is.

Simply place cold eggs in a bowl of warm tap water, and they'll warm up perfectly for all your baking needs.

Photo: John Loo via Flickr

Depending on how many eggs you're using, they should reach the right temperature in about five minutes. Instead of grabbing eggs straight from the refrigerator and throwing them into your batter, next time you're baking, follow this dead-easy step. We're positive you'll see eggscellent results.



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