High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets to Gift This Holiday

Nothing beats unwrapping a rose gold sous-vide machine
Best High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets 2017
Photo: ChefSteps

As much as we appreciate a pair of socks, nothing beats unwrapping the latest in kitchen tech. Whether it's the Instant Pot's smarter cousin or the latest sous-vide gadget that pulls double duty as a fashion accessory, these are the nine gadgets you'll have to remember to give other people. 

Amazon Echo

Photo: Amazon
It's more than just a way to play background music in the kitchen. Amazon's second-generation speaker is the smart sous-chef we all wish we had, who can keep track of your grocery lists, juggle multiple timers and will never forget that it's three teaspoons that make up a tablespoon.

Instant Pot Ultra

What happens when you give everyone's favorite all-in-one pressure cooker a graduate degree? You get the six-quart Ultra model, which offers even more customizable settings and preset options, paired with a more simpler interface.

Joule Rose Gold


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No one said your kitchen tools couldn't also accessorize with your iPhone. It's hard not to stare at this gorgeous sous-vide cooker as it makes the most tender steak of your life.

Vitamix Blender

Even if they technically already own a blender, few cooks will turn down the machine professional chefs swear by. A bulletproof motor and a sturdy, shatterproof carafe will stand the test of time.

Drop Kitchen Scale


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Just dipping your toe into the world of smart cooking tech? Drop's scale can turn even the most timid cooks and bakers into kitchen wizards. The connected app guides users through hundreds of recipes, readjusting quantities if you find you're short a certain ingredient or were too heavy-handed with the butter.



For beer enthusiasts wanting to make the jump into homebrewing—but don't have the time to learn—PicoBrew's flagship model requires you to just curate your own blend of hops and grain. Pop them into the brewer and let the machine do the rest.  

Electric Salt & Pepper Mills

There's nothing wrong with an old-fashioned pepper mill, but there's an undeniably cool aspect to these stainless steel dispensers. Just flip them over, and they'll automatically start making it rain freshly ground salt and pepper.

Gourmia Siphon Coffee Maker

Photo: Amazon
For the most detail-oriented coffee makers, there's an even more precise brewing method than a Chemex, and it's this vacuum siphon that wouldn't have trouble passing as a work of art.

Breville Control Freak Induction Burner

Like its name suggests, Breville's cooktop offers an insane level of precision and power that will comfort even the most nervous beginner cooks.


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