The 11 Best Chocolate Recipes of All Time

Calling all chocoholics
Chocolate Cookies
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Here at TT, there is no such thing as too much chocolate—cookies, pies, cakes, tarts, brownies—we love it all. Whether you’re looking to make an after-dinner treat or an extravagant holiday dessert, chocolate is always a good idea.

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October 28 might be National Chocolate Day according to the Internet, however, we’ll eat chocolate any day of the year. Here is a collection of the best 11 chocolate recipes of all time. 

① Chocolate-Hazelnut Buckwheat Tart 

② Chocolate Soufflés with Orange Sauce

③ No-Bake Salted Chocolate Cheesecake

④ Chocolate-Habanero Cake

⑤ Salted Chocolate-Rye Cookies

⑥ Chocolate Layer Cake

⑦ Chocolate-Coffee Pecan Pie

⑧ Ultimate Fudgy Brownies

⑨ No-Bake Chocolate Truffles

⑩ Maple Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

⑪ Chocolate-Covered Toffee Matzo


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