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Baked Squash-Stuffed Shells

Watch and learn how to make an easy, burrata-topped pasta dinner

There aren't many ways to improve upon the revelation that is burrata. Usually this luscious cheese is used as a topping for toasty crostini or in a semivirtuous salad looking like a ball of mozzarella. But then it is punctured, and a barrage of milky, creamy curds cascades forth.

Baked squash-stuffed shells may sound unassuming, but we went and split a couple burrata balls open and draped their oozing insides over jumbo pasta shells. This easy pasta dinner is vegetarian, as each shell is stuffed with a lemony squash-and-ricotta filling that's surprisingly light since it's more vegetable than cheese. The burrata and its creamy center make a quick but luxurious sauce to coat the shells, which come out of the oven browned and bubbling.

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