Baby Avocados Are Here, and People Are Freaking Out

Impractical? Maybe. Adorable? Definitely.
Baby Avocado
Photo: Dom Sagolla via Flickr

People freak out over miniature food items as if they’re newborn kittens. And following in the footsteps of the adorable, hysteria-provoking “cucamelon” are baby avocados, the latest teensy produce that’s making people lose their minds. You might need five to make a proper sandwich, but they’re definitely cute, and that’s really all that matters, right?

Mini avos were first found in the UK back in January, when megastore Marks & Spencer was the first to start selling the Spain-grown “babycados.”

But a recent stateside sighting at the Santa Monica’s farmers’ market has reignited the frenzy:

Some commenters “can’t even handle it,” while others are confused (“Wait what??? Avocados smaller than eggs??”). So keep an eye out for these “#cuteAF” fruits, but in the meantime, order some baby vegetable seeds and start your own miniature garden.


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