Alton Brown's Trick for Juicing a Watermelon

The master of genius tricks shows us how it's done
How to Juice a Watermelon
Photo: Sarah De Heer

Alton Brown is known for his genius kitchen hacks, so it's no surprise that he has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to juicing a watermelon. His easy method involves only these tools: a three-inch biscuit cutter, a small sharp knife and an immersion blender.

First, tilt the watermelon on a slight angle so it sits comfortably and won't roll or fall over. Next, place the biscuit cutter on the top part of the watermelon; using a little force, sink it into the rind so it creates a hole. Remove the cutter and use the small sharp knife to remove the section. Then, stick your handy immersion blender into the watermelon and blitz it up (don't forget the sides). When you're done, you can pour the juice into a bowl to use. Or might we suggest adding some alcohol and making a fun watermelon punch bowl?

For a full tutorial, check out Brown's video below. The best part? Definitely the dramatic music.


I know iterations like this have been done before, but this is how I juice a watermelon.

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