These 11 Alcohol-Infused Recipes Are Intoxicating

Because sometimes cocktails just aren't enough
Best Alcohol-Infused Food Recipes
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What's the one thing that could make cooking and baking even more fun? Adding a little booze, of course. Alcohol enhances the flavor in both savory and sweet dishes when used properly, and is great for marinades, sauces and baking. Looking for the secret to the flakiest piecrust? Add a splash of vodka to your pie dough and never look back.

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Despite many beliefs that the alcohol cooks out during the baking or cooking process, a small amount can still remain depending on the spirit and how the dish is being prepared. Of course, if you prefer that extra kick of liquor, you can always make a no-bake dish like this frozen margarita pie.

Impress everyone at your next party with these 11 alcohol-infused savory dishes and desserts.


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