Quick Cooking Trick: Pickled Peppers

Our Test Kitchen's pasta recipe is an easy weeknight meal

We've spotted them atop the The Optimist's fried clam roll in Atlanta; with avocado tonnato at San Francisco's State Bird Provisions; and at Chicago's The Purple Pig, paired with pig's ear, crispy kale and a fried egg.

Pickled peppers are having a moment--but you don't have to get all restaurant-fancy to enjoy them at home.

Try our Test Kitchen's ridiculously simple recipe instead (see the recipe): We gave cubanelle peppers a quick pickle--more of a vinegary sauté, really--then tossed them with gluten-free spaghetti, pine nuts and arugula.

Use the technique to add tangy notes to sandwiches, sauces and the odd pig's ear you have lying around.

Quick-pickled peppers, quick-pickled peppers: hard to say, easy to make.


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