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Play follow the leader with our favorite food Instagram accounts
Instagram Accounts to Follow

If your Instagram feed is looking a little stale—let's all retire ubiquitous hot dog thighs overlooking the ocean and Picstitch as a general rule, thank you very much—we suggest you follow our lead. Feast your eyes on some of our favorite food and entertaining accounts, from the hilarious wonder that is Big Gay Ice Cream to the supreme cool and elegance of NYC-based photographer Alice Gao.

You know you like it.

  • Alice Gao

    Alice Gao
    Some people are just cool, and NYC-based photographer Alice Gao is among that select few. Accept it, and appreciate her deftly styled shots and beautiful gray cat.

  • Andrew Scrivani

    Andrew Scrivani
    What does it look like to be a New York Times dining photographer? Follow Andrew Scrivani to find out.

  • Anna Watson Carl

    Anna Watson Carl
    Writer and cook Anna Watson Carl loves a good dinner party—follow her for tabletop and menu inspiration.

  • Aubrie Pick

    Aubrie Pick
    San Francisco-based food, lifestyle and interior photographer Aubrie Pick epitomizes Bay Area-chic. Expect behind-the-scenes shoot photos, a taste of the great outdoors and some snaps of furry friends.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream

    Big Gay Ice Cream
    Who doesn't want to see candid shots of Anthony Bourdain watching TV, dogs licking ice cream and general hilarity from some of our favorite ice cream makers? That's not a rhetorical question. Follow founders Doug (@BigGayIceCream) and Bryan (@BryanPetroff) to double your pleasure.

  • David Lebovitz

    David Lebovitz
    We've long been fans of charming American expat and chef David Lebovitz, and following his culinary adventures in France is a treat—expect lots of buttery, French goodness and wine. Oui.

  • Dylan Ho

    Dylan Ho
    Los Angeles-based photographer and art director Dylan Ho recently sunk his teeth into a ½-inch cut of mortadella, and it looks like this. Enough said.

  • Food 52

    Food 52
    Food 52 just wants to make you a better cook, and scrolling through its thoughtful, lovely selection of recipes and tabletop items makes you believe in that possibility.

  • Immaculate Infatuation

    Immaculate Infatuation
    How could we not include the home of #EEEEEATS? We salute your hashtag, good sirs.

  • Joy the Baker

    Joy the Baker
    Cats and cookies. That's all you really all you need to know.

  • Pissing in the Punch Bowl

    Pissing in the Punch Bowl
    Following food/lifestyle photographer and delightful goofball Marcus Nilsson is a treat—and his handle name is better than yours.

  • Matt Duckor

    Matt Duckor
    As a restaurant editor at Epicurious, Matt Duckor is naturally predisposed to eat amazing foods around the globe. Join him.

  • Sunday Suppers

    Sunday Suppers
    We love Karen Mordechai's clean, simple photography of gorgeous meals and tabletop settings. Let the countdown begin until October, when she releases her first cookbook.

  • A Guy Named Patrick

    A Guy Named Patrick
    Spring Street Social Society director Patrick Janelle is a self-described man about town, embodying modern Americana with every photo.

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